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About Me

I am a skilled software developer with experience in a range of technologies including Flutter, Android, .Net, ReactJS, Git, Databases, REST APIs among others. As part of various teams, I have demonstrated my ability to work collaboratively towards common goals. I am an effective communicator and a team player who is committed to meeting project deadlines and ensuring successful project outcomes. I am a team player dedicated to delivering innovative software solutions that meet the clients' needs.

My Skills

Working Knowledge
Powershell Scripts & CMD
Working Knowledge
SQL Server
Some of my Projects

SongLib - Songs of Worship

This is a mobile app that gives users offline access to their church hymns in form of text only with searching capability, favoriting and listing of items. Users can also draft their own songs. It is available on android and iOS and will also be available on other platforms.

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SwahiLib - Kamusi ya Kiswahili

This is a simple mobile app currently available on android that gives users offline access to the Kiswahili Dictionary or Kamusi ya Kiswahili. It has words, sayings, proverbs, and idioms. An iOS version is underway.

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